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100% Success Payback Guarantee

Our guarantee means that if we license your invention, we reimburse you 100% of any service fee paid to us (out of our share of future royalties).

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Capitalizing On Great Invention Ideas

How to earn royalties and collect checks from inventions is what every inventor is striving to accomplish. This book outlines the steps to get your invention through the patent and invention process.

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Success Begins With Patents

The patent goes to the first person to file - speed matters. Inventing success starts with filing a patent application on the idea. Learn the basics of filing your application.

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Landing A Big Licensing Deal

This eBook will help you understand the key components to include in your license agreement. If you are an InventionHome customer, we handle the process and contract for you.

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Learn how InventionHome can help you through the patent and invention process and ultimately connect with companies to land a licensing deal.

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